Preparing for international cooperation or mobility

International cooperation

Depending on the maturity and history of the cooperation envisaged, various types of mechanisms are possible:

  • The International Research Laboratories (IRL) regroup in an identified location the significant and lasting presence of scientists from a limited number of French and foreign research institutions (only one foreign partner country).
  • International Research Projects (IRPs) are collaborative research projects between one or more CNRS laboratories and laboratories in one or two foreign countries. They help to consolidate already established collaborations through short-term or medium-term scientific exchanges.
  • The International Research Networks (IRN) bring together several French and foreign partners and focuses on a specific theme.

For these structures which are long term (IRL, IRP and IRN), there is no call for projects, their creation is discussed directly at CNRS Informatics level with the International cell.

Nevertheless, there are other types of actions promoting international cooperation through regular calls for proposals:

  • International Emerging Actions (IEA) also promote partnerships and the exploration of new fields of research. The 2022 call will take place at the end of June 2021.
  • There are also multiple international programmes, for example bilateral, relayed by the DERCI.

CNRS Informatics seeks to intensify partnerships with high-growth emerging countries by participating locally in the development of research and the training of young doctoral students. CNRS Informatics is also present in developing countries.

International mobility

At the same time as the implementation of international structures like IRL, IRP and IRN, CNRS Informatics encourages researchers and academics of its laboratories to make medium or long-term stays abroad, typically in IRLs. For example, mobility can be based on a rescue's to join a CNRS delegation (as part of the annual national campaign).

Discover the testimonies of three researchers who have experienced international mobility:

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