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L’optimisation : au cœur des défis des sciences informatiques

Essentielle dans toutes les disciplines scientifiques, l'optimisation a de nombreuses applications dans l'industrie et dans la vie quotidienne. Si les solutions sont souvent mises en avant, les algorithmes qui permettent de les identifier, moteurs…
CNRS Informatics emphasizes
Towards the cyber-world, Human and digital interaction
How can we simplify interactions between objects and humans? How to make them more intuitive and ergonomic? How can we measure their acceptability in society? What new forms of immersion in the cyber-world?
13 cybersecurity challenges
Personal data leakage, massive hacking, economic espionage, infection of sensitive computer systems, propagation of "ransomware", identity theft, fears about credit card payments: questions relating to cybersecurity haunt the news. This book,…
White Paper on Data
The ability to exploit data on a massive scale is at the heart of most research advances. The stakes are not only scientific but also societal, economic, financial and ethical.
Big Data in the open
The aim of this book is to understand the exponential growth of digital data and its repercussions on our daily lives. A large panel of experts presents, through 150 synthetic articles, the state of the art so that citizens can grasp the issues at…
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