The Institute runs long-term projects to structure the national research community in information science, in particular through research platforms.

CNRS Informatics guarantees access to high-performance research resources involving both hardware and software through the development of shared research platforms with support staff.

Examples of platforms supported by the Institute

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is a unique infrastructure consisting of ten interactive and collaborative visualization platforms interconnected by a telepresence network. These platforms are installed and operational on the campus of the Université Paris-Saclay and on the premises of the project's partners - two universities (Paris-Sud and Versailles Saint-Quentin), three schools (CentraleSupelec, ENS Paris-Saclay and Telecom Paris) and three research organizations (CEA, CNRS, Inria). There are three types of platforms: immersive CAVE-type equipment, "powerwalls" allowing the visualization of 3D data in stereoscopy and very high resolution "hyperwalls".

Digiscope is an "equipment of excellence" financed in the framework of the investments for the future programme.

"Science Heads for the Big Screen(s)" ("Viewing things in a large format", a CNRS film in its Journal date 22/02/2018))

The Digiscope platform website



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SILECS builds on the experience accumulated by the FIT and GRID5K platforms.

This platform aims to provide the scientific community with a tool to explore and test various design hypotheses on both fundamental protocols and technologies (radio networks, 5G/6G, IoT, next generation Internet, Cloud, HPC, Big Data) and on verticals (Industry4.0, Transport, Smart City, Energy, etc.). SILECS aims to position itself at the highest world level and cooperates closely with the international community working on this subject (NSF_PAWR/USA, CENI/China, Fed4Fire+/EU).

The SILECS platform website


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Robotex is a national network of experimental platforms which provides robotics researchers with a working environment that meets the most demanding international quality criteria. Its specific purpose is to promote synergies between research teams and enable the development of new methodological approaches based on multidisciplinary cooperation. It also has to promote synergies between public research and the industrial, economic and social world.

Robotex is an "equipment of excellence" financed in the framework of the investments for the future programme.

The Robotex platform website