Anne SiegelDeputy Scientific Director

Anne Siegel is a research director at the CNRS and works at the Institute For Research In IT And Random Systems (IRISA - CNRS/ENS Rennes/Inria/INSA Rennes/Institut Mines-Télécom/Université de Bretagne-Sud/Université de Rennes 1). She studied at the Lyon ENS (1994-1998), then obtained a doctorate in mathematics from Aix-Marseille University in 2000. She joined IRISA as a computing researcher in 2002, and has been a research director since 2010. In 2012, she became the head of the Dyliss team (bioinformatics and systems biology) which she set up in the laboratory.

Her research activities initially focused on interfaces between mathematics and computing through the study of symbolic dynamic systems and their applications. Since 2008, she has worked on the interfaces between biology and computing by using symbolic approaches to the representation and integration of knowledge to build and analyze large-scale biological networks.