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Anne SiegelDeputy Scientific Director

Anne Siegel graduated from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon and is a research director in computer science at the CNRS. Following her thesis in mathematics, her research focused in theoretical computer sciences and then shifted to bioinformatics, at the IRISA laboratory (Institute For Research In IT And Random Systems), where she develops methods combining dynamic systems analysis and reasoning on data and knowledge to model in silico the capacity of species to produce molecules of interest in the context of various interdisciplinary programs.

She created and directed the research team Dyliss in her laboratory, then headed a department of the laboratory, before becoming Deputy Scientific Director of the CNRS division of Information Sciences and their Interaction (INS2I). At CNRS-INS2I, she promotes interdisicplinarity between computer sciences and other disciplines, she monitors research networks, and she in charge of the gender-equality policy.