CNRS Informatics works in collaboration with its academic, institutional and industrial partners to support and coordinate its laboratories' activities. The Institute supports the development of information science by promoting exchanges between fundamental research and its applications.

A new scientific field which also serves all disciplines

The calculation and modelling methods linked to the development of computer technologies have helped encourage the emergence of a fully-fledged scientific field with its own concepts and methods. Beyond the fields covered by CNRS Informatics, the theoretical and methodological contributions made by information science apply to all scientific and technical disciplines and profoundly influence their development.

Supporting the advent of the digital society

Digital tools and services are changing the way we work with, communicate, produce and create connected objects, data sharing, telemedicine or artificial intelligence. The innovations developed in the CNRS Informatics laboratories in computer science, control, signal and image processing, robotics or system-on-chip design all contribute to the digital transformation of society.