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Marian ScuturiciPartnership research and innovation scientific advisor

Vasile-Marian Scuturici is a professor at INSA Lyon and Laboratoire d'Informatique en Images et Systèmes d'Information (LIRIS - CNRS/INSA de Lyon/Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1), since 2022 (and he has been an associate professor since 2004). He defended a thesis in computer networks at the Lumière Lyon 2 University in 2001, then passed an habilitation (HDR) in 2013 at INSA Lyon. Marian Scuturici is member of the LIRIS Databases team since 2010, and he is in charge with laboratory's partnership relations since 2018.
His current research focuses on data science, in particular the use of declarative methods for interactive data exploration. He lends special attention to the mechanisms for providing scientific solutions to complex real-world problems.