Jean-Marc Jézéquel © IRISA

Jean-Marc JézéquelProfessor at Université Rennes, member of IRISA

Senior IUF member
CNRS silver medal

The work of this computer scientist has had a considerable influence on the development of software science, particularly in the field of model-driven engineering. After ten years as a research fellow at the CNRS, Jean-Marc Jézéquel joined the University of Rennes in 2000. A year later, he created the Triskell team at the Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires (IRISA), which he headed until 2011. All Jean-Marc Jézéquel's research stems from the key idea of extending the concept of contract and design-by-contract to the field of software components. After formalizing all the theoretical bases of this concept, he defined and developed a meta-programming language usable by engineers. The researcher is also leading a number of initiatives to transfer this concept to the avionics, aerospace and telecoms sectors. Although initiated more than fifteen years ago, his field of research is still fully relevant today, and continues to be developed by numerous researchers around the world. In 2012, Jean-Marc Jézéquel took over as head of IRISA, one of France's leading computer science research laboratories.

Lecturer at Université Rennes 1