The INS2I in figures

The INS2I currently supports the work of more than ten thousand research actors. To provide them with the best possible environment, the Institute invests in the development of high-performance national, European and international research structures.

4700 engineers and technicians

(including 650 CNRS staff)

1000 non-permanent staff

(including 480 CNRS staff)

5000 non-permanents

(including 3600 PhD students)

41 UMR

joint research units (UMR)


joint service units (UMS)

16 GdR

research networks (GdR)

The INS2I has an international presence thanks to:


(International Research Laboratory)

10 IRP

(International Research Project)


(International Research Networks)

Since 2010, the Institute has enabled the creation of:

235 Start-up companies
20% of CNRS start-up companies come from the INS2I

In laboratories linked to the INS2I, there are:

98 ERC

ERC researchers (with European Research Council grants)